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Re: Rosslyn Chapel Offer Up Another Surprise

I was in Roslin Chaple the 1st. week of June this year, and also had taken a 
picture of "the bleeding angle" in the vault. It appears to me that the stain 
starts above her head, as her golden hair has the same marking. I must admit 
I didn't see this during the time I was there, but only looked again at the 
picture after reading all of the news on the discussion list. You must know 
that I was in awe during my visit there. My mind was rereading Andrew 
Sinclair's book "The Sword and the Grail" as well as remembering Niven's many 
stories told in the Clan Sinclair U.S.A. newsletter. It was like Christmas 
day to a child. As Niven has said "That which is born in the bone can never 
be driven out of the blood".
Donald Sinclair (Indy)
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