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Vikings in Ontario, Canada

There is an article in the Toronto Sun (yesterdays paper), & Toronto Star 
(today's paper on the front page with an picture), that states:

Scandinavians may have crossed the Atlantic three millennia years ago & 
visited Petroglyph Provincial Park (about 40 km northeast of Peterborough, 
Ontario, Canada), an archeologist (David Kelly a retired University of 
Calgary professor, renowned for his work deciphering Mayan script) 
believes.  Rock carvings that are regarded as the work of aboriginal 
shamans were probably carved by Europeans about 800 BC.

Kelly said the petroglyphs include a depiction of a Viking-like ship almost 
identical to prehistoric ships carved in a rock near Boslund, Sweden, as 
well as, abstract symbols used as a form of writing by northern Europeans. 
 The symbols are part of a script called Tiffinagh.  Every symbol that is 
know in Tiffinagh is found among the 800 carvings at Peterborough.

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