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Re: le Beu, Bews, Bewes

    Those horses are rough on us sprigs.
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From: Niven Sinclair <niven@niven.co.uk>
To: sinclair@mids.org <sinclair@mids.org>
Date: Tuesday, August 10, 1999 2:27 AM
Subject: le Beu, Bews, Bewes

 I have now found the coat-of-arms of the Bews family which I hope will be of interest to your
Australian contributor from whom we have heard nothing since we embarked on our detailed
research into the Sinclair/Bews connection which has taken us from Orkney to Cornwall to
Calvados in France.

The coat of arms is described as follows:

                                "On a chapeau crimson, turned up, erm.,
                                  a pegasus, rearing, of bay colour, mane
                                  and tail, sa., wings,or, in mouth a sprig
                                  of laurel,ppr." 

which literally means: "on a crimson hat with turned up ermine there is a rearing bay horse with
                                  a black mane and tail, with golden wings and a sprig of laurel in its mouth"

Perhaps someone, who is better versed in heraldry than I am, will be able to make something out
of the above information.  There is no similarity with any of the  many Sinclair coats-of-arms which
are given in the "St Clairs of the Isles".

Niven Sinclair