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Re: Orkney Sinclair's

Hello Maggie and Jeannie

Yes, you would certainly have passed through Grimsby on your way to Niagara Falls from Toronto.

I don't know if any of your ancestors were among them, but several Orkney folks, Sinclairs included, came to Canada in the late 17-to early 1800s, to work for the Hudson Bay Company in the north.  After a generation or two, many travelled
further afield, throughout Manitoba and the west, as it opened up.  They must
have been rugged people indeed to survive and thrive in our northland.

I hope your mother recovers soon, and that you both have time to enjoy this very
interesting discussion group.  We have a fascinating new lesson almost
everyday.  I wish I had paid more attention to my history teachers when I was in

'Bye for now
Toni S.

(Ont. Canada, but researching Islay) 

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