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Re: Bruce and companions' bodies.

Thus far we have the Battle of Teba occuring in three different months:

25 March 1330 (Laurel quoting Ronald McNair Scott)

8th September, 1330 (Niven)

25 August 1330 (Pete Cummings)

At least we all agree on the year....

>>Mediterranian and then up the coast to Scotland, it is obvious that in that
>>warm climate these bodies couldn't be taken home as they were.  So Sir
>>William Keith had the bodies prepared for the journey by having them boiled
>>(in vinegar-from a Cadfael story) so that the flesh fell off.  It was only
>>the bones of the dead that went back to Scotland.  The flesh was buried in
>>holy ground in Spain.  I wonder whether anyone has gone there to look for a
>>monument to them?

Teba (not Theba; there is no th in Spanish) has its own web pages:

They mention a memorial plaque.  That battle was the biggest thing
that ever happened in Teba. :-)

As for Saladin,
yes, he was exceptional, but Muslims in general considered Christian
Europeans to be barely better than barbarians with no manners, and with
quite a bit of justification, given the behavior of the crusaders.
The Byzantines held a similar opinion, for similar reasons.

In any case, Laurel and Niven's writeups are now in

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