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Rosslyn Chapel Offer Up Another Surprise


I am a new member of the Sinclair Discussion list.  Unlike most members of the Sinclair family, I have to go back 19  generations to Mary Sinclair to make the connection, the daughter of Prince Henry Sinclair.

In February of this year, I made my first visit to Rosslyn Chapel.  Like most visitors I took several photographs of the chapel.  Two of the photographs I took were carvings in the sacristy that someone in recent times painted.  One was an angel that, when enlarged, revealed blood-like stains which flowed from what appeared to be a wound to the right side of the angel's forehead.  If you are interested in seeing this photograph, you are invited to proceed to the following address:  http://www.clanbell.org/angel.jpg

At this point in time, I cannot explain how these stains came about.  The wound that is implied by the flow of the blood-like stains closely corresponds in location to that depicted in the carving of the apprentice.  The blood-like stains have gone un-noticed until now, based on information I have received from people close to Rosslyn Chapel.

I will keep you posted on the status of this discovery in the futures.

Ward Ginn

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