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Re: PEI Sinclair musicians?

There was a Cajun fiddler from Louisiana who was popular in the US in the
1970's - Jim ? - I think we still have some of his LP's (long playing vinyl
records) - believe he was called the Ragin' Cajun - or maybe that was a
wrestler.  Anyway, one of the amazing things about him was that he fiddled and
danced at the same time.  He sang, too.
Diane Hettrick, Seattle, dhettrick@earthlink.net

Rory Sinclair wrote:
> What a great bloomin email!   Jennifer Roland was the featured performer at
> the Ceilidh in Guysborough last summer.  Why do Cape Breton fiddlers dance
> and play at the same time???  It blows me away because they seem equally
> outstanding at both.
> Your aye Rory
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