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Re: Sinclairs and the Reay Fencibles

Hi Niven,

Thanks for the input. I do have some limited information on many of the 
Fencible regiments, including the Rothsay and Caithness Fencibles raised 
under letters of service granted to Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster.  Apparently 
the Prince of Wales granted permission for his chief title in Scotland be 
added to the Caithness Fencibles.  The first battalion was assembled under 
Lt. Gen. Sir Hector Munro while the second was embodied by Lt. Gen. Hamilton 
at Forfar. The Regiment was commanded in Ireland by Lt. Col. Fraser of 
Culduthill.  They were disbanded in 1802, while some 200 members volunteered 
in 1800 for service with the 79th and 92nd regiments for service in Europe.
Niven, do you have any idea where the data regarding these regiments is 

Thanks again,
Ralph Hannan
North Reading, MA

Researching Thomas Sinclair of Ross-shire or Sutherlandshire, emigrated to 
New Brunswick in 1803 
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