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Re: The St. Clair Voyage - 1398 to 1998

>2: in her opinion, and Nick's fantastic presentation to the contrary, she
>did not feel there was enough time for the voyage to happen.

This was something that worried me, as well.  Even though Pete Cummings
put a lot of effort into publicising the potential voyage, his newsletter
didn't start until late 1996, less than two years before the event.
Apparently there were attempts to publicise the project before then,
but even in 1995, three years before the event, seems quite late.

I will admit that my contribution was limited to assisting with distributing
Pete's newsletter.

>There was enormous preparations and the model itself had a tidy fee.  The
>project sputtered along for as long as it could before it was clear that it
>could not continue.  So rest assured that the money that came in was spent
>in a good cause,  if it was also an unsuccessful one.

For the moment.  Of course, why does the 600th anniversary have to be the
only one?

>Yours aye, Rory

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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