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Re: America's Stonehenge 2

>There are huge sites throughout the Mid-West and the Mississippi River 
>Valley that make this site (Stonehenge 2) look ridiculous.  We are talking 
>about mounds that are hundreds of feet high and cover acres.

There are lots of smaller mounds in the southeast, too, and of course when
you get to Mexico you have huge pyramids and cities dating way back.

>My point is, there is lots of evidence for Indians to have constructed this 
>site and NONE for Europeans, Mynoans, Egyptians, etc.  Remember, European 
>descendants wrote that description including the reference to 'Baal.'

And the inscribed ledge in Westport, Mass., has been interpreted in a
variety of ways depending on who happened to be looking at it in any
particular quarter century.

>I just don't believe that Europeans had to rush over here and build this 
>structure.  I think the people who were already here had the knowledge and 
>technology to do so just like the British Isles aboriginal population had to 
>build Stonehenge.

However, this also doesn't rule out the possibility that there was early
traffic between the continents, although it would of course be good to
see some evidence for it before assuming such traffic as the source of
any given artifact.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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