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new items in the web pages

Here is a brief update on new items in the web pages.
All of them may be found by looking under New in


The new items in the past week are:

Iain Laird's writeup on the Battle of Kringom, including a song
explaining why not to invade Norway.

Margaret Stokes (milamba) has found a description from 1930 of a wedding
in Caithness in 1870, complete with piping, fiddling, wedding, dancing,
Templar, old-timer, well-to-do young man from the colonies,
fair highland lass, fairies, kirk, minister, songs, and Charlie.

Sinclair de la Behottiere examines the question Are we a Highland Clan?
in the context of the centuries-long conflict between the kings of England
and the Lion in the North, particularly in how both royal families became
Norman, and the family of St. Clair became important at the edges of their
authority, just as it had in Normandy.

Those of you who have sent in material that hasn't appeared in the web
pages yet, don't despair; I'll get to it as time permits.

The vast majority of the material in these web pages has been sent in by
various Sinclairs and others all over the world, many of them through
the Sinclair discussion list,


And remember: these web pages were never intended to be the only
Sinclair web pages.  They are more of an overview that should over time
increasingly use links into other pages elsewhere.  Send in URLs for
your own web pages; I will add links to them.

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