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Re: St. Clair, James in Virginia

Amber, Most of my family is from Southwestern Va.&W.Va.  The recent ancestors 
are from Giles Co.  I have the feeling that your James is connected.  I will 
write My mother's cousin and ask about your James as she has the most 
complete history.  They were also in West Va. but  I thought mainly in 
Fayette Co.  Giles co. is where I was born and I believe their records are 
fairly good.  My cousin tells me that Bedford Co. museum has a wealth of 
StClair history.  I am treating myself to Jean Grigsby's book so that some of 
this information will be easier to find. Good luck and let me know what you 
find.  By the way Pam Yorkers is also connected to the Va. line and maybe she 
will have something for you.    Charlotte
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