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Sinclairs and the Reay Fencibles

In the year 1794 the Reay Fencible Regiment was raised under Clan MacKay's 
Hugh Mackay Baillie of Rosehall.  This regiment contained approximately 800 
men, many of my ancestors including Thomas Sinclair, and my Morrisons, and 
served in Ireland from 1795 until 1802.  The regiment was disbanded at 
Stirling in 1802, and because of the economic conditions throughout the 
northwest of Scotland, many of the former members of the regiment emigrated 
as a group in 1803.  

I am looking for source data relating to the regiment.  Is there a military 
historian amongst the Sinclair family that knows of a source for detailed 
information on members of the regiment including hopefully names and towns 
and shires, etc.?

My Thomas may have originated in Ross-shire, he emigrated on the ship 
Fortitude or Nelly with his family including sons William and Alexander, and 
was granted land in St. Stephen, New Brunswick on the Chiputne(c)ticook Ridge 
later to become known as St. James Parish, Scotch Ridge and Pomeroy Ridge.

I have lots of family information on subsequent generations to share 
including intermarriages with the MacKenzies, MacLeods, Pomeroys, Mathesons, 
Morrisons etc.

Thanks for any help that any of you can provide,

Best regards,

Ralph Hannan
North Reading, MA, USA 
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