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Grandfather of William Sinclair & other stuff

The grandfather of your Willaim Sinclair was William (of Berridale) Sinclair. 
William Sinclair was b. abt. 1610. He married Mary Sinclair, she was also b. 
abt. 1610. Their only child was John (of Berridale) Sinclair b. abt. 1640.
Kay, I have found your Samuel Sinclair & Mary Berry marriage. Samuel was the 
grandson of immigrant William Sinclair. Samuel was b. 3 March 1756. Mary was 
b. abt. 1756. Issue as follws;
1. Samuel Sinclair b. 1795 in Pa,
2. Ann Grubb Sinclair b. 1798 in Pa.
3. Benjamin Berry Sinclair b. 1800 in Pa.
4. Sarah Sinclair b. 1803.
5. Thomas Lightfoot Sinclair b. 1805
6. William Sinclair b. 1808.
Sorry Lynn, I have no record of your Robert,, Margarett, and John Sinkler.
Donald Sinclair (Indy)
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