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Re: Minoan copper & America's Stonehenge

I'm lost here, who organized whom, who was looking for copper?  I missed 
something, maybe it's too early and I haven't had enough caffeine;)

The Indian "nations" that were here had extensive trade networks.  We have 
found copper ceremonial swords at Moundville in Alabama, copper artwork 
throughout the Mississippi Valley area into Alabama and NW Georgia.  We have 
found sea shells as far north as Illinois, Ohio, and Michigan.  Rock used to 
make projectile points (arrows and spears) are found hundreds of miles from 
where they were mined.

The Indian population was highly advanced socially and technologically as 
far as astronomy and even some engineering feats.  Europeans wiped them out 
by bringing in diseases that the Indians had no immunities against.  Small 
pox decimated the North American groups as well as the Aztecs in Central 
America.  De Soto came through Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, Georgia 
again, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana before he finally died and his 
men went home.  He was followed by other explorers.  Diseases they brought 
killed large groups of people.  Others that were not killed moved away 
because of the upheaval in their culture.  The Sioux used to live in the 
Carolinas.  They moved to Alabama and then Ohio before final removal by the 

The people that remained by the time the first real settlers arrived 
couldn't even remember who had built the mounds, villages, and structures 
like this observatory complex.  Their history was lost.

As to why this structure was not grown over, it was used.  The web site and 
Gary's forwarded articles state that a settle owned it and lived there, your 
post states that a colonist built his house there, and many historic 
artifacts were collected from it.  It was kept clear because someone always 
lived there.

I'm sure someone has published on this structure.  If nothing else, a 
graduate student has researched it for a thesis or dissertation.  I worked 
only in the Southeast (and Ohio) so I have no idea who it might be.

I'm not sure I answered all the questions but I hope so.  If not, let me 
know and I'll try again.

Happy hunting,  Darwin

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