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Follow-up on Islay Sinclairs

    Paul, I do not think the Archibald in Iowa is related to me unless maybe way back. Donald James Henderson of San Rafael, CA, even more of a small world, I am in Sebastopol, CA (maybe 30 miles)! Wanda- are you related to this family? How do you have so much information about them? I am interested particularly that you have different parents of Mary (b. 1845). I deduced her parentage by looking at all the Sinclairs on Islay in 1851 and she was the only Mary of the correct age. Interestingly, the census has my gg grandmother Sarah's name wrong also- or perhaps the names are second names or nicknames or something.
    The Alexander Sinclair whose family you detailed, one of the original seven brothers, was known as Sandy and was a potter in Ontario. Someone wonderful did an interview with his grandson before he died. It's on an audiotape in the Owen Sound library. That's how I found out that The gg grandfather had been buried at sea on the voyage from Scotland. If you are related I have more info on them too.
     I am glad to know that the one sister of the seven bros was in Sonora, CA as that is reasonably near here and maybe I'll venture over there one of these days.
    Also, You have that Alexander Sinclair married Sarah Sinclair and they were the parents of Mary b 1945 Scotland. Do you know that this Sarah was also a Sinclair? (That would make me an Islay Sinclair on 4 lines!)
        Thank you all for the input!!    Constance Sinclair