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Argyll Sinclairs - The KIST article by Duncan Beaton

Hi all,

I am very happy to say, I have FINALLY gotten a copy of the article, "The
Small Lairds of Shira Glen"  by Duncan Beaton, published in 1983 in The
Kist.  If anyone is interested in the McNokairds or Argyll Sinclairs, I'd be
happy to snail mail you a copy of the article.  My scanner is truly not to
be counted upon - nor my ability to work it correctly!  Let me have your
address and I will send it on to you.

And by the way, thank you everyone for putting me on to the trail of this
article.  The benefits that I have reaped from this little quest are
amazing!  It turns out that Duncan Beaton actually knew some of my Sinclairs
from Auchindrain and has shared some wonderful personal antidotes with me -
and introduced me to a "Campbell Cousin" who's grandfather met some of these
same Sinclairs AND WROTE ABOUT THEM!

I never would have made all these connections with out all the information
shared on these lists - thank you!

Juli Anderson
Princeton, NJ USA
Always Argyll

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