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Sinclair genealogy

May I add my congratulations on your brave decision to take on the herculean task of assessing and amalgamatring
all the strands of the worldwide Sinclair family.  Over the years people have given me books which they have prepared
about their own families and I will be quite happy to send you these when your work-load permits.

I trust you also have copies of the two enormous volumes which Pete Cummings prepared prior to his untimely death.

As with all genealogies (particularly official ones like Debretts, Archbolds or Douglas) there are many errors which will
have to be corrected.  No matter, a job begun is a job half done and you deserve the full support of us all in this daunting
but eminently worthwhile task.

History will remember you just as we are indebted to the sterling work of Roland William St Clair who compiled "The
St Clairs of the Isles" although, at the time, he was based in Auckland, New Zealand.   Today we have the internet and,
today, I was reminded by a distant cousin (she is two generations younger than me and resides in Melbourne, Australia
and is none other than milamba@milamba) about the remarks made by a great uncle of mine (and a great x 2 uncle of
Milamba's) at a gathering in New York on May 7th, 1924:

"I want to have my youngsters glad
  That I was chosen for their dad;
   I want them when I've gone away
  To think of me at times and say
   That I bequeathed them a name
  That never has been linked with shame".

Above all, let them realise the glorious lineage which they have inherited and which they, too, in the fulness of time, will pass
on to their children.  Your work (ably assisted by countless others) will help future generations of Sinclairs to trace their roots
in unbroken line back over a thousand tempestuous years to their Viking ancestry.   The Vikings were the most intrepid sailors
the World has ever known.  We have inherited much of their wanderlust.   My own immediate family spans the Globe and, yet,
they continue to cherish their roots:
"What if these flowers fade?
  The roots endure............
                                                                  To flower and flower again
We are nothing without our roots.

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