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Re: St. Clair VA/WV

Amber, I'm sure there is a link here.  My info is spotty as my cousin Cindy 
Lake is the real family historian, I'm basically the gatherer if information 
which I then pass on to her to keep in a logical order ,as order and logic 
are in short supply in my house!  Here is what I know   Alexander Sinckler 
came to Va. in 1696 from Glasgow,son Wayman had 7 children, 	Alexander,  
Isaac,  Robert,  George,  Wayman,  Elizabeth and Mary.  Robert, born around 
1746 seems to be our link.  He died and his will was probated in Bedford,Va. 
in 1827.  I don't have the next generation so we skip to Meador StClair born 
May 27,1825  Died haSept 5,1889.  Meador married Keturah-Ann Craig on 
Dec.14,1846.     Meador's children were Samuel A,b.1848,   Charles Robert, 
b.1849,  James(Bill)William,  John Henryb.March 30,1858, Payton Ferdinand.  
No dates for James or Payton.  Also this may not be a complete list of 
Meadors children.   John Henry StClair married Ada Elizabeth Phillips on 
June20,1877.  John Henry is said to have been born in Roanoke, Va.  Ada was 
born in Hilltop, W.Va. on Sept 28, 1857.  They were married in Fayette Co. 
W.Va.  John Henry died Aug.29,1907.  Ada died Aug. 5,1935, both in Giles Co, 
Va.  their children were                                    	James Meador  
                    	b.March 17,1878 in Fayette Co. W.Va			
								Ethel Vernon	
						b.Aug. 8,1880  Fayette 
			Married. Dec.28,1904  in Fayetteville,W>Va.		
							D. Dec.27,1938        
             "        "								
			Spouce: Charles Reese Summerfield			
								Mary Ellen	
							b. Aug,24,1882	
Fayette Co.W.Va.								
			John Cleveland						
	b. Dec.29,1884	 Ansted, Fayette Co. W>Va.      			
						M. May,27,1911  Kentucky	
			D. July 17,1925  Bane, Giles Co.Va.			
Spouce:Ethel Kilbourne Arbogast							
					Annie Kate				
				B.Jan.27,1889   Bane,Giles Co. Va.		
D. Oct. 1890       BaneCo.Va.							
						Charles Pendleton		
				B. May 5,1891  Eggleston,Giles Co.  Va.		
M.1920          Bristol, Tenn.							
							D.March 19,1942   
Bane, Giles Co. Va.								
			Spouce: Minnie Stafford					
Georgia Phillips								
Nov.3,1893   Eggleston,Va.							
						M. Aug 4, 1923   Mt. Hope, 
Fayette Co.  W>Va.								
	D.1934                  "             "                   "		
Clayton E.Jones									
					Kenneth Laurence			
			B.May 5, 1896     Eggleston, Va.			
D. June 11,1918  France (killed in action WW1)					
				Homer Holt					
			B. April,22,1900     Bane, Giles Co. Va.		
M.April 19,1929									
							Spouce:Phyllis Madlyn 
			Lillian Stewart						
	B.Aug.16,1903  Bane, Va.						
								D.  Infancy	
							Charles Pendleton was 
my grandfather.  A very good example of why I am not the family historian.  I 
am sure there must have been a much simpler and shorter way of doing this but 
it does escape me at the moment.  I apologize to all of you on the list who 
may be bored silly by this but you can always just move on.  I hope this will 
help you "connect our dots" Amber as we all grew up believing that the 
StClair family was the greatest gift of all.   Charlotte
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