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Re: Plantations

JOHN ----- you wrote ::

""I even see on the web a golf plantation in Michigan.  And another one
in Hawaii.  So the traditional usage of the word is not restricted to
the south. ""

You have made my point exactly -- the usage of the word " Plantation "  was 
never restricted to the South ( USA ) . It was a common< routine > land 
description in the 1600-1700 Northeast USA e.g. Delaware , Pennsylvania , 

Now we hear farm , ranch , etc, but vitually never Plantation in a generic 
sense in those areas , unless someone is trying to add a " mystique " to the 
endeavor !

I also agree that slaveholding was not restricted to the South i.e. some 
 ( Union ) states had slaves, or almost as bad , " indentured servants " , 
while many Southerners did not practice and / or actively opposed slavery .

However , I would have been remiss if I had not clearly stated that the " 
plantations " of my Quaker ancestors were not slaveholding ; in fact 200 
years later , many of their descendents even broke with their Orthodox 
Brethern to fight for the freedom of everyone in the American Civil War as " 
Progressive Quakers " or "Quaker Baptists".

Incidentally , the " Plantations " in Hawaii may be just that !!  Many of 
these are and were large and old agricultural enterprises -- Castle and Cooke 
may still be one such Plantation ( pineapples ) ??

Amelia Island Plantation may also have been a seacoast plantation or part of 
one --
rice , hay , etc. were grown on some of the Florida , Georgia , etc. " 
southern " plantations --many islands were owned by a single family .
RORY : you wrote ---""that would 'ante' belleum "". 

YES -- ante meaning " before " not anti --meaning " opposed " -- THANKS .

Regards to all . 
Joe G.

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