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TO : John Quarterman 

John --

I have seen several items of correspondence concerning the problems with the
 " characters " in several postings .

Over the past week or so , I have also encountered problems with several 
postings .

The service I use is AOL . com . The postings in several cases have 
duplicated  the subject line of others  received the same day , but the main 
problem has been that the postings have arrived , only to display a 
completely black background with several Blue Hyperlinks at the bottom of the 
page , one of which is for the list itself ????

Can you enlighten me ??
Am I the only one to experience this problem or to report it to you??

What additional info might you require to determine if this is a danger to 
the list process ??

Do you have a address to which it would be appropriate to forward future 
messages for analysis without exposing the recipient to any " Virus " that 
might be in the message ?? 

I have not experienced this "" problem "" with any other mail from other 
sources !!

Thankyou .


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