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Re: Family tree of the Earls of Caithness and the Lords Sinclair

Yes, this is one of my assignments, I believe, as historian to provide you all with a list of the Earls and the Sinclair line prior to that.  But I think that they are already on our website if you search for them.  In fact, many of the questions to this discussion group are answered there already. 
 But another version of the first segment, The Scandinavian years has been sent to Mary Selver who is working on the new website.   "The Norman Years" list is stalled until I can verify some of the information that we have just accepted in the past.  It may be that some of this will defy documentation and we will just have to go with tradition.  But do stay tuned and keep looking for new things on the main website every week, people.
    Nothing can replace the detail you will get from books on our ancestry.  These will give good biographical sketches which you can have in your own hands and more easily reference than the internet.
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Date: Friday, June 18, 1999 7:23 AM
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I have some info as well on the Earls of Caithness.  I have long thought that it would be interesting and also benificial to have a firm list outlining the path of the Earldom, for all to refrence.  I will try to dig out some info this weekend, but most of it is burried.  I have been out of touch with the list for months and currently have 1600+ emails on one address.

Michelle Hollberg
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Donald Sinclair wrote:

 John and othersDoes anyone have a detailed family tree of the Earls of Caithness and also of the Sinclair Lords. I have some info but also alot of gaps. It maybe a good project for the web pages. SlainteDonald Sinclair