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The Templar Legacy - Video from Niven Sinclair - How do I buy a copy?

About a year ago I recieved a copy of Niven Sinclair's NTSC video entitled, "The Templar Legacy".
At which time I was informed that it would soon be available for distribution in North America.  I have been showing it at Knights Templar functions (York Rite Freemasonry) and have been asked to do so for a local Scottish community group.  I get many requests to loan it out or even have copies made.  I do loan it out with the understanding that under NO circumstances will I permit copies to be made.  I have made 1 copy for myself incase the original becomes damaged.  I know there is a market for this interesting video.  How can I direct others to buy their own copy?
Gerald B. Gibbons
2880 Culver Lake Drive
Dowling, MI 49050
Email: templar@net-link.net

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