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Can anyone tell me...

Hi again,
I was wondering if anyone could tell me where in Scotland Ayres is.
I have written before and I am still stuck on James Sinclair 21 Oct 1786 from Paisley, Ayres, Scotland.
Since we have a few new subscribers I thought I'd hit the list again and see if anyone new may know any links to James.
He married Agnes Young, she was born in Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland.

On the current subject going on the list I would just like to ask all you non-americans to please not judge all of us on the comments of one or a few.
I have always been proud of my English, Danish, and Irish back ground and my husband and his father are quick to relate that they come from a Scotish heritage.
In fact, if you ask people her what nationality they are they don't say they are American (in my experience) they always tell you of their heritage from other countries.  We are such a melting pot that we all cling to our roots of the past and its history.  We are proud to be American but I for one love the rich blend of culture in my family background.
I love this site and I wish my other surnames had a list like this too.  I have yet to find one.
Keep up the good work and thank you for all the history, time and help you all give to so many.

Wendy Pay

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