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Hi all -

At the end of a week when we were so fast to react to a complaint I'd like
to post a deeply heartfelt thank you to Patricia Dick and praise for this
wonderful list that enabled my life to be so touched by Pat.

In the middle of a minor crisis here the postman arrived with a package from
Pat of a cassette tape of music she had compiled for me with a copy for my
mother.  The care and love she put into these tapes is so evident and the
perfect timing of delivery must be divine interference!  As I sit here in
New Jersey listening to "Queen of Argyll"  the raining is falling softly -
almost mist like.  The Highlands are so close at hand I am transported back
to many a beautiful day spent combing the hills and lochs of Argyll.

Aye, you touched a nerve Pat and that is not always easy to do with me.  I
guard my inner-core well.  My husband, Andrew, really believes you are a
part of everyone you meet.  Well I am not sure if he was thinking about
meetings on the internet - but, I know you are a part of me.  A part deep
inside that I now treasure - thank you.

This medium is powerful and can be used for many things - but when it is
from the heart - wow!  Thank you John and everyone else that posts.  It is
so exciting to learn and explore our heritage together.

Well off to wipe a tear and flip the tape.  Definitely feeling inspired to
keep digging for my Mhic na ceard heritage.

Thank you Pat!


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