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Norwegian Visit

Dear Iain,

Thank you for the information on the 'jarls' of Orkney.   This is similar to the information which I had included in
the genealogy of Prince Henry Sinclair and it would be appropriate (I think) to present our Norwegian friends
with a framed copy of this genealogy when we visit them in August.   By copy of this e-mail I am asking that man
of parts, Ian Sinclair, to persuade his friend to frame one of the scrolls so we will have something to give to the
Norwegians  when we visit them.  As you know, they inundated us with presents and we will look singularly 'cheap'
if we do not try to respond in like manner.  The Caithness Glass paper weights have already been ordered with a
request that they are ready in time for the Halkirk Games and for our visit to Norway.

I have also ordered the Millennium Sword but it will be different because it will have the engrailed cross
of the Sinclairs inscribed on its blade in addition to all the other markings which you saw on the illustration.
This, as I have already explained in my letter to the Highland Council, will be presented to the person who
has contributed most to Caithness life during the preceding year.

I have visited the Wilkinson factory and impressed upon them the need to have the sword ready in time for the Halkirk
Games.  I have asked them to give the number 1398 to the sword which will be a reminder of the date Prince Henry
Sinclair sailed for the New  World.

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