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I think you meant to say, "You don't care" about the castles, ancestors,

As for myself, even though I'm not even a Sinclair (only through a
marriage), I find it interesting to read some "true" history for a change.

I understand that most of my education as been "Americanized" (I live in
Canada) and still wonder why most of this stuff was never taught in Canadian
schools. I mean, if 80% of the Hudson's Bay Company came from Scotland and
they're responsible for what most of Canada is today, then yes, EVERY
Canadian should be interested.

I am a direct result of the HBC and as true as a Canadian can be for that
matter. But I regress, this isn't an American vs. Canadian posting, I'm just
giving my personal opinion.

And hey, if you're not interested, the great thing about email is that you
don't HAVE to read it. I too skim through numbers of emails that I get and
just pull what I need. Isn't that the whole point? Take what you need,
discard the rest.

Another great thing about this list is that if you don't understand, ASK.
There are a number of people here who have a plethora of information and
could have what you or I need.

Please don't take this the wrong way (there I go being the "apologetic"
Canadian) but I feel maybe you wrote your post in haste.

Who knows? Maybe you have information I need!  heh.    :)

Take care,

Jeff Inkster
Toronto, CAN

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