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Re: June 15 th.

At 02:44 15/06/99 +1000, you wrote:
Hello Niven,
                Thank you for your prompt reply to my e-mail. Also for your very interesting information re Sir Archibald Sinclair. My sister who lived in London in the fifties, (now a resident of Capetown, South Africa) knew his daughter and apparently established a connection between our families. I must follow this up. Any information which you are able to provide regarding a means of finding further details about Lieut. Archibald Sinclair, would be most appreciated. Are you connected with the Scottish Clan Sinclair Society? Perhaps they are not as active as those in Canada and USA. I would be delighted to hear from any of your Australian relatives and contacts. I do enjoy your contributions to the Sinclair discussion group, as I do the varied information which constantly appears.
I look forward to our further communication.
Dear John,

The address you should write to for information about Lieutenant Archibald Sinclair is:

The Regimental Secretary.,
The Highland Regiment,
Fort George,
Inverness IV1 2TO

There is so much information about the Ulbster Sinclairs that one doesn't know where to begin.
They were (are) a very able family.  The rest of us are somewhat pedestrian.  We make up for
it by working harder.

We are in the process of establishing our own base in Caithness thanks to Ian Sinclair who has bought
Noss Head lighthouse for that purpose.  The present Clan Sinclair Association of caithness will eventually
be absorbed into the Clan Sinclair Castles Trust which has now been set up with Malcolm Sinclair, the
Earl of Caithness, as its prime mover.

We hope you will seriously consider joining our Grand Millennium Celebration which is being planned for
July, 2000.  We need Australian representation.


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