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Hello all --

The SOCIETY OF THE CINCINATTI  is headquartered in Washington , D.C. .

Membership descends from those whose ancestor had at least three years of 
Honorable Service in the Army of the Continental Line during the American 

Those serving officers who "died in the line of duty " are also eligible .

Note that Officers of the various Militia did not qualify for membership .

I was told that there were 5500 =/- offficers eligible ; only about 3500 have 
registered .
George Washington was the first President of the Society .

Women may belong in the absence of a male descendent .

There is usually a Membership officer for each State .

Membership rights have to be documented much as DAR or SAR records are 
constructed and verified .

Only one family member per serving officer is allowed .

Some officers may not have had any descendents and their line may be extinct 
; others chose not to belong for reasons of personal belief .

Some families had concentrations of officers and are well documented .

There  was a Medal with a Blue Ribbon , very similar to the Medal Of Honor, 
that was awarded .

I hope the preceding helps -- It is all from memory , so please pardon any 
errors ..

Regards to all , 

Joe Greigg
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