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Re: Article: "Family Tree"


>When I went to the site I was not surprised to see listed in the credits Niven
> Sinclair & the late Pete Cummings. I have not seen this particular site liste
>d in the family site. Possibly John Q. could do the technical magic to link it
> or say hey Geo. it's already there. 

No, I wasn't aware of it.  It's added now, in

>I would like to thank  Niven, John Q., & Laurel for the fantastic History less
>ons on-line. I have printed out many of your e-mails because they contain so m
>uch information I was totally unaware of. You are doing a great service in edu
>cating those of us that had lost a connection to our past.

Thanks.  I'm just trying to keep up with what people are sending.
Most of the reports from our Sinclair on the ground in Sinclair-sur-Epte,
along with commentary by Niven and others, are now in

Laurel's commentary on the old newspaper clipping by Cowles is now in

Dave Mitchell's commentary on the word flow is in the Caithness page,

Speaking of which, I seem to have the galley of Orkney at the top of the
Caithness page (it's the one from the Westford Knight), rather than the
ship of Caithness.  Does anyone have a good image of the ship of Caithness
to use instead?

And that will have to do it for tonight.

>Yours Aye,
>Geo. D. S. 

John Sinclair Quarterman <jsq@mids.org>
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