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Article: "Family Tree"

Good Evening All,

I just recently got around to reading the latest issue of "The family Tree' & found an article giving the URL for a site set up, "so young people can read themselves information about Prince Henry Sinclair and his voyage to the New World in 1398, almost 100 years BEFORE Columbus".

When I went to the site I was not surprised to see listed in the credits Niven Sinclair & the late Pete Cummings. I have not seen this particular site listed in the family site. Possibly John Q. could do the technical magic to link it or say hey Geo. it's already there. 

I would like to thank  Niven, John Q., & Laurel for the fantastic History lessons on-line. I have printed out many of your e-mails because they contain so much information I was totally unaware of. You are doing a great service in educating those of us that had lost a connection to our past.

Yours Aye,

Geo. D. S. 

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