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Re: Questions for Sinclair de la Behottiere- Chapel

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The chapel at the site of the matyr is a small, slighlty rectangular
building, which lies approximately 100m from the Holy Well.  It bears the
mark 884 as you face it and 1884 on the right.  It is approximately 10
metres directly across from the covered rock on which Saint Clair was
decapitated.  The masonry canopy over the rock shows the beheaded Saint
Clair showing his head in his hands to the left of the rock, his disciple
Cyrin to the right.  The statue of Saint Clair, over the Holy Well, has been
removed to the safety of the Church.  The well allegedly sprung from where
the blood of the matyr flowed.  The chapel is built entirely of stone,
ceiling inside is painted sky blue with golden stars.  The chapel is not
lit, save by natural light.  There is a altar that I have been informed has
not been used in a number of years.  The chapel and rock are completely
enclosed by a stone wall.  It has metal gates on both sides and a gravel
interior.  It is extremely well kept.  Large old trees lay just outside  the
walls.  The inner floor is in the French manner covered with stone.


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