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Re: Questions for Sinclair de la Behottiere

Sinclair de la Behottiere,
    So at least the Morrison History of the Sinclairs was correct on that
884 date.
    However, the Morrison book says that Clare scathingly condemned the
conduct of a high-born woman of Normandy.  It was she who had her 2 henchmen
cut off his head.
Niven names the spurned English woman as the one who ordered his death.

Is there any record about what the cause of his death so that we can make
sure we have the correct story?  Is the name of the woman/women ever named
in the history?

Is there any mention of him being a monk before he became a hermit?
Is there a date for his arrival at Sherbourg?  Why would he go to Sherbourg?
Did he live there for awhile?

Morrison's history says that there was a town and a castle nearby when Clare
arrived but Niven's story says that Clare was the first one to live there.
"His fame as a heler began to attract attention and, although he moved his
hut from place to place within the forest, it became the focus of attention
for people seeking cures."  A chapel was built to mark his place of death
and a town was built up around it.

Sinclair, can you find out the history of the town so we know whether the
town was there first or the hermitage?

If the town was there first, what was its name before?

Who built the castle?  And when was it built?  Is there anything remaining
today?  How was it destroyed?
When you say "left bank" are you facing down stream?  On the map that I
have, it looks that way.  This would make it on the East side towards Paris.
What is the population of St. Clair today?
What are the industries there?

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