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Re: Re : Re the date of St. Clare"s death

>Normandy is a not a prefecture,

Indeed you are correct, it is a region; I was writing hastily and I

> The Normand prefecture ajcent to the Epte is
>L'Eure across the river it is Val-D'Oise, it is a region perculiarly the
>people of Normandie prefer to call them selves Normands they do not consider
>themselves as French.  In St Clair-sur-Epte the people call themselves
>French not Normand When Rollo placed his hands in the hands of the French
>King to ratify the boundary the Epte formed  the boundary North of the Seine
>and the   Avre south.  Just before the Epte there is a town Bordeaux St
>Clair-sur-Epte just on the Nornamd side.

Yep, I've seen it.

> Immediatly after the river there in
>an imposing fortress and church that defended France from Normandie.

Interesting.  I was pretty sure I'd seen old maps that showed Normandy
as extending slightly across the Epte, to the edge of the river valley.

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