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George A. Sinclair

Recently there was a request on a George A. Sinclair born in Watreloo, 
Illinois. The following information is of record.
George A.(Almon) Sinclair, born 2 Jan 1885 in Waterloo, Ill, died 17 Jan 
1946. Married Antionette Kuelker. George's sister, Dewella Ruth Sinclair, 
born May 2, 1878, married George Riebeling. Duella Riebeling, daughter of 
Dewella and George was born 23 Sept 1930 in East Carondellet, St.Clair 
County, Illinois, married Henry J. Range in Piggott, Arkansas. Children 
Phyllis, Catherine, Jaqueline, Barbara Sue, Ginger Kay and Eugene were all 
born in East St. Louis, Ill. Catherine and Jaqueline live in Cahokia, Ill. 
George A. Sinclair is the son of Almon Burton Sinclair, born 17 Nov 1850, 
Hanover Twp, Columbiana City, Ohio. married Frances America Fitch, 2 May 
1875, in her parents home in Waterloo, Ill.
Almon Burton is the son of Levi Miller Sinclair and Elizabeth Myers.
Levi Miller was born in Columbiana City, Ohio and is the son of David 
Sinclair and Lucy Burton. 
David is the son of George Sinclair and Martha Palmer.
George is the son of Wayman Sinclair who is the son of Alexander Sinckler.
This information taken from "A branch of the Sinclair family" by Genealogist 
Marian Kollme Loeschner.(1982) 
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