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Just a thought from a younger researcher who is just starting his family geneology;
Opening the vaults to the Sinclair family history is both intriguing and spherical when it comes to mythology and religious historical backgrounds.
I enjoy any religious comments posted as they open ideas to other issues. I think if everyone keeps an open mind to respecting everyone's different beliefs; we may all come closer to opening up more doors in our family's past and help the younger people understand for the future.
Every message posted on this 'discussion' list is just that - it keeps our communication open and allows Sinclair's to communicate globally. We are a mysterious bloodline and with the heightened Millenium overtones with Christianity, we as "God Committed" might take a brighter interest into our lineage with the Family of the Holy Light. As a young person, I maintain open to all mystical imagery connected with Masonic-Sinclair ties and enjoy hearing about our religious links.
Randy Sinclair - Halifax, Nova Scotia