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new clan site

    I was snooping around the new clan Sinclair site at
Click on "INDEX"  and you will see several working links. If you choose the
"CHIEF" link you will learn that Chief Malcolm Sinclair's father served as
the Queen's FACTOR at Balmoral and that Malcolm, himself, trained to be a
FACTOR also.  Interesting that he was born in Burma also.

    During the last 24 hours I have come across the word "FACTOR" 4 times
now.  Over the week end we took friends to tour Fort Vancouver, WA.  This
was run by Dr. John McLoughlin who was the Factor at the FT.  I pointed out
to my friends that John was m. to Marguerite d/o Swiss and Cree parents.
And she was born/lived at  ? FACTORY run by another FACTOR somewhere in the
Eastern part of Canada.  And that there is a wonderful link to descendants
of the Hudsons Bay men & Cree women at

To me, factor and factory in this sense, are quite unusual uses of the

The dictionary says: FACTOR:  one who acts for someone else; agent.  [Scot]
a person who manages an estate for another; steward, baliff.

FACTORY: a business establishment for commercial agents or factors in a
foreign country.  A trading settlement maintained by Factors.


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