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Re: testing a new discussion site idea-please read this

To Kathy @Owlshoot  (is that owl shoot or owls hoot?  Big difference.  I'm a birder) 

Never mind.  Re Sinclairs from Shetland Island

Do you know where these Sinclairs emigrated to?  There was a family of Ss. who
first settled in Norfolk County, Ontario, then dispersed all over north america.  The menfolk seemed to be sea captains or light house keepers.

John Sinclair, Capt., b May 1803 from Burra SHI, son of Thomas S. and Agnes Smith of Minn.  He married Agnes Smith. He was master of a ship operating on the Great Lakes.  Lighthouse-keeper at R. Graliot, 1867-78. Their children were

Thomas, married Agnes Smith (same name as mother?)
John, - lighthouse keeper at ThunderBay 
Lawrence, sailor
Capt. James, moved to Chicago Wife - Bridget 
Capt. Daniel
Capt. Alexander R. b. 1844
Cyrus H.
Peter, drowned 1876
Elizabeth, b. 1811
Robert, b. 1815  married Maqrgaret Thompson

Do any of these sound familiar to you. 

This information came from Donald Whyte's "A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants
to Canada before Confederation" (1867).

I hope this helps.

Toni S.

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