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Re: Still amiss

I am copying the list so everyone can see there is activity on this problem.


>Hi John:   Since the 14th I have received nothing new from the
>discussion group.  That is not strictly true as I have received many
>duplicates, many times over,  of the discussion messages on the 14th.
>I have received other emails from other sources but this source is stuck
>in the groove of the 14th of May.  If you have replied, I have not
>received it as it would have been post 14th.  I am checking with my
>server tomorrow as well.
>Yours aye,                       Rory

I did reply; apparently you didn't get it.
There is something odd about your address in particular.
I will call you tomorrow to discuss it.


Your mail to sinclair@mids.org gets through to the list fine,
although there is still a mysterious problem with your mail to
sinclair@jump.net.  I am looking into it.

Meanwhile, I will send you a list of the current subscribers to the list.

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