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Re: Euphronia Records

Oh Cornelia, I'm so sorry I haven't been in touch.  I just did receive the records.  Haven't had a chance to read them over very well yet.
I must tell you, I just delete some of the more complicated histories that I'm not particularly interested in.  And I'm not all that scholarly, but I do know how to research!  My secret passion is not to curl up with a etailed, complicated history of Scotland, but to read a good mystery novel!  Laural and Juli are closet scholars, I believe.  Some of the things they read would put me right to sleep!
The Sinclair discussion list has been a distraction lately, and I really should be directly my time elsewhere.  However, I get intrigued and just have to take a look around.  Neil Sinclair in Toronto is still working on revising his History of Sinclairs in Argyll in light of the McNokairds.
I thought I had sent you the Buffalo Church records!  I'm really losing my mind...  I'll pop those in the mail to you.
Yours aye,
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Dear Karen,

     I sent you the Euphronia records some time last week.  Have you received
them?  Don't forget to send me the information that you found in James Van
Comer's book on Buffalo Church.  Our library has not gotten it yet.

     You have been busy a plenty in corresponding with the Sinclair website. 
One has to be an expert in Scottish history to try to follow some of those
discussions.  There are a lot of knowledgeable people out there, including

Hope to hear form you soon,
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