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this and that

    If someone knows the answer to the naming of Noss Head Lighthouse as
requested by Dietmar Noss of Germany, I would like to hear it also.

    My old clan membership list shows no members in ND.  Are there any ND
people on this discussion list?  Are there any people that might be going
through Fargo, ND one of these days?
    I think it would be nice to have some new pictures of the Rollo statue
there plus we could use some detective work done in Lakota, Nelson Co., ND.
IT is about 20 miles E. of Devils Lake on Route 2 and about 50 miles from

John Sutherland Sinclair, the 17th Earl of Caithness, moved there in 1884.
He bought 3040 acres about 6 miles NE of Lakota and ran a dairy herd of 50
or more cows.   He became the 17th Earl in 1891 when his father James
Augustus Sinclair died.  In 1905 he returned to Scotland to take over his
hereditary estate as Earl of Caithness where he repaired the castle and
tenant houses.  Then he returned to US and died engaged in mining in Canada
then went to Los Angeles about 1917.  He died there in in 1920.
    So there might be grandchildren of his workers still living around
Lakota that might have some further information for us.  Anybody interested
in looking into this?

    Wouldn't it be nice to have some pictures of St. Clare on the Ept in
France?  Someone told about a statue with 5 St. Clairs (5 previous
generations) with William the Conqueror on the top.  Was that at Rouen?  We
could use some pictures of all these French places and castles of the Dukes
of Normandy.

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