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Re: Sinclair booth at Celtic festival

John ---

Just getting caught up with all the mail from the past week .

Your comments on the Cimmerians -- they were a real race of people .

They , the Cimerii , were the oldest occupants of Scythia . They were of 
Thracian or Iranian descent . They were driven from their homeland in the 7th 
century B.C. by the Scythians .

The Scythians were in turn displaced by their eastern neighbors the Sarmatae .
The Sarmatae were definitely Iranian . They in turn were displaced Westward 
by the Huns .

Interestingly , the name of the Scythians in Latin was Scoloti  . I wonder if 
a gutteral prononciation of this,  like in German , might be a predecessor to 
the word Scottish ???

The writer , ROBERT ERVIN HOWARD , who died ( suicide ) at age thirty , was 
unusually well informed and well researched in his writings . Three or four 
of his main characters were drawn from our areas of ancestry : Conan , Bran 
MacMorn . Solomon Kane and Cormac Mac Art ; i.e. Cimmerian , Pict , Puritan , 
Celt. .

The Scots of a thousand years ago considered themselves to be of Scythian 
ancestry . This was true of Prince Henry Sinclair also and so should lay to 
rest the speculation of the NORSE / FRENCH / BRITON / PICT/ SCOTCH / CELT , 
"purity " 
or dominance ??

There is much more to all of this but I don't want to bore our list readers .

Those who are interested will find the Scythians in the OLD TESTAMENT under 
the Hebrew name Ashkenaz .

regards to all .

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