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RE: McNokairds--two camps?l

The point was just to stir the pot again.  I have learned a lot from others and was hoping to knock a few "lurkers" out of the trees to see what they had to say! 
Address to follow per you 2nd email.
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Hi Juli:
Just to enlarge on your two camps idea.  I would not be quite so categorical that  two separate notions are mutally exclusive.  I, for example, accept as 'fact' the McNokairds/Sinclair paradigm as you and Karen have delineated.  What we don't know  is how many Argyll Sinclairs this covers.  Are you saying all?  I would rather doubt that that is what you are saying.  What you have done is made a terrific case for how a name change came about without quantifying it.  There may be Argyll Sinclairs for whom this explanation does not work.
I get a buzz from the knowledge that we are all on this planet 52 cousins, no matter race or continent of origin.  All who have some form of British ancestry, are 11th cousins.  I think it would be neat if we and some of our Argyll brothers and sisters are related more than by name but that is yet to be proven.  But any satisfaction that comes from that must be based on the research and in no way casts  aspersions on either side of the Highland/ Viking/ Norman divide.
Just another small thought.    Yours Aye,            Rory