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McNokairds--The Early Sinclairs of Argyll

Good morning Rory -
I would really like to get a copy of Alexander Mclean Sinclair's book.  Can never have enough reference material and since we discussed his book and I have never seen it - feeling a little behind the eight ball.  Checked the site this morning regarding the book.  See I just pop a check in the mail to you.  It that ok - US funds and all?
Chased down a good copy of MacPherson's work also today so will be getting back to you later to chat about it.  Very interested to see what my response will be.  Your answer to my original question regarding his work - intrigued me to see it.
Also - if Karen can not answer my "Stranger in Cowal" question - can you?
NOW to the garden -
Thanks for all you informative help.  Means a lot to me.