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RE: McNokairds--The Early Sinclairs of Argyll

Good morning Karen-
Yes, it is me again - sorry. 
I found two more families for sure that illustrate the name change very clearly.  Had to enlist my husband Andrew's help for a while last night - my eyes started to burn and the letters were all running together.  It took twice as long though - he had no idea what he was looking!!
After this week of discussion regarding the early Sinclairs it is apparent that there are two camps:  those that accept the theory as fact and those that have a deep need to connect to the northern clan.  That's fine.  My question for you is - while we can illustrate "proof" to the name change in the records I actually have never seen any record that lists a stranger in Cowal.  I assume there are some since it has been discussed.  Where would I find this?  I would like to use this to understand what time frame we are all using as 'early' Sinclair's.
Today I am staying away from my desk, computer and papers.  My eyes hurt - time to unwind and garden.  It is starting to get hot here so any divisions I am going to make of my perennials will have to be made now.
You know the best part of discovering the truth of the Mhic na ceard is that it explains so much about me.   I paint, draw, garden, build stone walls, sew, craft, build picket fences - generally work creatively with my hands a lot.  The thing that has given me a chuckle all week - is that I am probably more Scandinavian than most of the Clan - my father's family is Swedish!  My grandfather changed his name from Karl Oskar Andersson to Carl Oscar Anderson when he came as a young boy.
The two young lady missionaries who are assisting in my FHC currently are the most beautiful people I have ever met.  They simply radiate from the inside out.  
Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.