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Re: Sinclair Genealogist


>    I am the Historian.

OK.  I was just going by what Niven said; I never heard anything directly
from Brad about what position you were officially filling.  Thanks for the

I have updated http://www.mids.org/sinclair/clanusa/commissioners.html
to have you in there as Historian.  Please send any desired revisions.

>  I just can't handle both jobs.  Brad is supposed to
>be working on getting a genealogists.  I keep hoping.

That's a tough post to fill.

>  There are so many
>areas that could use the help so I move across the imaginary line from time
>to time not knowing where it really is but my job as I understand it this
>year, is to write or find people to write the Yours Aye articles, catalogue
>the printed materials (most still at Pete's),

That should keep you busy.

I've been mining the copious materials related to Prince Henry that Pete
put in his 600th Celebration News.  You'll find many links into them
from the FAQ and the glossary and elsewhere.

> and produce a time line.

Please note that Paul already has a timeline:

I have added a link to it on the front page of http://www.mids.org/sinclair/
to make it easier to locate.

I'm sure Paul and others as well as I will be happy to put historical
materials in Sinclair web pages as you and Niven and others produce them.


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