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Re: AUTOPOST: Guest Book Entry [Ernest James Sinclair]

Dear Ernest: I have helped my friend Valmae Sinclair Stewart with her Sinclair ancestry a little bit, from which point of view I can say that her line started in the Shetlands, which which was home to a number of Sinclair families in the 16-1800's.  Val has lived in Fremantle, Western Australia most of her life. HerAustralian immigrant Sinclairs were the brothers Laurence and John Sinclair, both born in Hillock, Dunrossness, Shetland in 1831 and 1830, respectively.  Both had a good education, John becoming a skilled navigator.  When he landed in WA, he went to work immediately for the Fremantle Port Police, spending most of his life there and in Bunbury.  Laurence headed for the gold fields out of Esperance, and was noted for having a horse named "Norseman".  One night, the horse was tethered outside the tent where Laurence was sleeping, and struck at an outcropping with his hoof.  When his master came out the next morning, he found that Norseman had uncovered a rich vein of gold near the surface.  
   If you believe you have a tie into this family and want more information, let me know at coqnord@goldstate.net.  Ray Lower
Note for Jenny and Ross:  My Edinburgh Sinclair line has several
lads by the name of William.  Starting with my g-g-granfather James, several were printers and were born in Edinburgh.  His father was David, who was born in Caithness, as were most of his ancestors back as far as any record shows.  I don't see any of this line so far who had immigrated to New Zealand, but have had correspondence with Graeme Laurenson of New Plymouth, who has made extensive research into the Laurenson and Sinclair immigrants from the Shetlands.  His book "Northern Star to Southern Cross" is not generally available, but if one can lay hands on a copy, there is much interesting detail about the families in both their Shetland origins and their life as pioneers in New Zealand.  I can give you the last address at which I reached Graeme if someone wants to try, but I suspect he may no longer be available for research questions.
For those interested in Captain Francis Sinclair and the saga of his family and life in early times on The Forbidden Island of Ni'Ihau in Hawaii, I have two small books which can be quite helpful.  One is written by a descendant of the Gay family, who were associated with the Sinclairs in the Pacific, and the other by a scholar who researched both old as well as contemporary  Ni-Ihau history to write a very interesting story about this unique island and it's many unusual people.