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Hi Jenny.There is a Sinclair/Australian link but as yet I havent researched 
it.Lets start with Grandad- -- William (no middle name)Sinclair.He died in 
Levin,NZ  11/8/79.He was said to be 93,so birth guestimate is 1876.Most 
likely birthplace is Edinburgh.He trained as a Printer/Compositor and 
emigrated with wife (Elizabeth) and two sons (William-my Dad, born 28/11/14  
and Helen -born 1922).He came by ship,the Corinthic via Panama in 1925 and 
landed in Auckland. He set out from Southhampton. He moved to Wellington and  
 joined the Government Printing Office ,and stayed in various suburbs of this 
city.He had numerous siblings.One of these was his brother,John,who came to 
Australia(?where) probably about the same time.John married (?Trixie) 
MacIntosh whose Dad was involved with MacIntosh toffees.That's as much as I 
know (about John).If you sense any links,I'd be very intersted to hear back
Ross Sinclair
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