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Historian Job??

Dear Brad,
    You probably have your hands so full of details that you don't need this
message at this time but maybe today will be just right to contemplate it.??
    I am wondering where I stand concerning the Historian's job.  If my
appointment has raised some concerns or is becoming an embarrasment to you
please be straight forward with me.  My life is not going to come to an end,
I will not rent my clothing and dump ashes on my head.  It will be OK.
Don't try to read anything between these lines because there just isn't
anything else there.  What I say is REALLY just what I mean.
    However, if things are still on track, it would be helpful to me to have
my appointment announced soon so that I can more easily and logically
collect information and give it out with more emphasis behind my name.  I
guess between those lines you can read some ego, huh?  OK
Well, that's about it.

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