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Re: Inactivity on list?

That was an interesting bit of Southern propaganda, all right.  I'm sure the
North had a couple also to keep the morale high at home when the men didn't
come home for spring planting or fall harvesting, it got pretty tough.

    Friday night I was a dance extra  for the filming of Ann vs Abbie. (it
will be a cable TV movie about Ann Landers & Abigail Van Buren -identical
sisters.  Both their parts were played by Wendy ? --the tall skinny model on
the TV show "Just Shoot Me".) We were at this country club from 3:00 PM to
4:00 AM.  They did the first shoot then she had to change clothes and her
nose (one had a nose job) while we ate at 10:30 PM)  I slept in Sat. then
gardened some more.  IT was nice for me that there weren't a zillion
messages waiting.
    There maybe more activity than is apparent because I assume that there
also others of you that are answering some of these messages directly to the
people from Paul's site.
Portland, OR

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>Hello all --
>Since we seem to have a lull in the list activity , I found this on the
>and decided to share it with all in the hope it is " new  " to everyone ??
>(ascribed to Carrie Bell Sinclair)
>Oh, yes, I am a Southern girl,
>And glory in the name,
>And boast it with far greater pride
>Than glittering wealth or fame.
>We envy not the Northern girl,
>Her robes or beauty rare,
>Though diamonds grace her snowy neck,
>And pearls bedeck her hair.
>cho: Hurrah! Hurrah!
>For the sunny South so dear;
>Three cheers for the homespun dress
>The Southern ladies wear.
>The homespun dress is plain, I know,
>My hat's palmetto, too;
>But then it shows what Southern girls
>For Southern rights will do.
>We have sent the bravest of our land
>To battle with the foe,
>And we will lend a helping hand
>We love the South, you know.
>Now, Northern goods are out of date;
>And since old Abe's blockade,
>We Southern girls can be content
>With goods that's Southern made.
>We sent our sweethearts to the war
>But dear girls, never mind,
>Your soldier-love will ne'er forget
>The girl he left behind.
>The soldier is the lad for me ---
>A brave heart I adore;
>And when the sunny South is free,
>And fighting is no more,
>I'll choose me then a lover brave
>>From out the gallant band,
>The soldier lad I love the best
>Shall have my heart and hand.
>The Southern land's a glorious land,
>And has a glorious cause;
>Then cheer three cheers for Southern rights
>And for the Southern boys.
>We scorn to wear a bit or silk,
>A bit of Northern lace;
>But make our homespun dresses up,
>And wear them with such grace.
>And now, young man, a word to you;
>If you would win the fair,
>Go to the field where honor calls,
>And win your lady there.
>Remember that our brightest smiles
>Are for the true and brave,
>And that our tears are all for those
>Who fill a soldier's grave.
>Music: "Bonnie Blue Flag" ("Irish Jaunting Car")
>from Songs of the Civil War, Silber
>@America @Civil @war @clothing
>filename[ CNFEDGAL
>The music is at the website that
>regards to all "
>joe greigg
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